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Modify ack-font-lock-regexp-color-fg-begin to allow single character …

…color codes
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1 parent 893ce89 commit f202b9a809e61d6ee318de53a195e29ac96f500f @eentzel eentzel committed Jul 11, 2011
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@@ -689,7 +689,7 @@ DIRECTORY is the root directory. If called interactively, it is determined by
(define-key keymap "r" 'ack-again)
-(defconst ack-font-lock-regexp-color-fg-begin "\\(\33\\[1;..m\\)")
+(defconst ack-font-lock-regexp-color-fg-begin "\\(\33\\[1;..?m\\)")
(defconst ack-font-lock-regexp-color-bg-begin "\\(\33\\[30;..m\\)")
(defconst ack-font-lock-regexp-color-end "\\(\33\\[0m\\)")

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