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Add `highlight-symbol-occur' #3

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Jim Turner Le Wang Nikolaj Schumacher
Jim Turner

Add a function to run `occur' for the symbol at point.

Jim Turner jturner314 Add `highlight-symbol-occur'
This function runs `occur' for the symbol at point.
Le Wang
lewang commented

@jturner314 If you use `iedit', you get his pretty much for free and you can edit in the iedit narrowed buffer.

Jim Turner

Thanks for mentioning `iedit'. I didn't know about it. It is an awesome tool, and I just added it to my .emacs config.

Unfortunately, `iedit' does not provide one of `occur's most important benefits: the ability to view the source and matches in two different windows simultaneously. Often, I need more than just a couple of lines of context where I am making my edit, but just a couple lines of context suffice for the other matches. Also, `occur's separate window works better with using the mouse to navigate, which I often find to be more efficient than keyboard navigation when just viewing code.

As a result, I find `occur' to be useful in some situations where `iedit' would be less useful, and I think that adding a function to easily run `occur' on the symbol at point would be useful.

Again, thanks for pointing out `iedit'! It is another great tool to have in my toolbox.

Nikolaj Schumacher nschum merged commit 5d9f339 into from
Nikolaj Schumacher nschum closed this
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Jun 29, 2012
Jim Turner jturner314 Add `highlight-symbol-occur'
This function runs `occur' for the symbol at point.
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  1. +10 0 highlight-symbol.el
10 highlight-symbol.el
@@ -248,6 +248,16 @@ element in of `highlight-symbol-faces'."
248 248 (goto-char (beginning-of-thing 'symbol))
249 249 (query-replace-regexp (highlight-symbol-get-symbol) replacement))
250 250
  251 +;;;###autoload
  252 +(defun highlight-symbol-occur (&optional nlines)
  253 + "Call `occur' with the symbol at point.
  254 +Each line is displayed with NLINES lines before and after, or -NLINES
  255 +before if NLINES is negative."
  256 + (interactive "P")
  257 + (if (thing-at-point 'symbol)
  258 + (occur (highlight-symbol-get-symbol) nlines)
  259 + (error "No symbol at point")))
  260 +
251 261 (defun highlight-symbol-get-symbol ()
252 262 "Return a regular expression dandifying the symbol at point."
253 263 (let ((symbol (thing-at-point 'symbol)))

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