An open-source, high-rated C++ chess engine.
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Morty Chess

A chess engine inspired by the wise teachings of Rick & Morty.

Installation Instructions

How to install the engine for use with a chess GUI.

  1. Clone the repository onto your local machine
  2. Extract the zip file and locate the executable ("morty-chess")
  3. Connect the executable to your preferred chess GUI. We suggest Scid vs. Mac for OSX and Arena for linux and windows.

Contribution Instructions

MortyChess was written in C++ and built using CMake. Follow these instructions to set up the development environment on your machine.

  1. Clone the repository onto your local machine
  2. Install CMake version >= 3.9
  3. Install the current version of Clang for linting
  4. Install Boost version >= 1.61, save it in system library folder
  5. cd into the project main directory
  6. make the build directory: mkdir build
  7. Run cmake .
  8. cd into the build directory, then run make
  9. An executable called app should have appeared. Run with ./app

For a list of current development goals, please see the project panel. All contributors welcome.


  • Nathaniel Corley - Full-stack website design, engine programming - nscorley
  • Stiven Deleur - engine programming - deleurapps


This project is licensed under the MIT License.