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The various branches of this repository demonstrate various AngularJS principles, many of which have been presented at a meetup or conference.

Animating Angular

  • Video: (ng-conf 2015 hacknight in March 2015)
  • Branch: animating-angular
  • Slides:
  • Info: When asked about the best thing of Angular, many people are quick to point to its fantastic two-way binding feature. With ngAnimate, it is exceptionally easy to add a little spice to that great feature. I will show everyone how simple it is to get up and running with ngAnimate, demonstrate some of my favorite tips and tricks, and delve into some advanced strategies for combining CSS and JS animations using the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP).

ngAnimate with CSS and GreenSock

Routes and promises

Controller inheritance

  • Branch: controller-inheritance
  • Info: Demostrates a very simple way to use inheritence in your angular controllers

Setup to run the examples

This assumes you have Node already installed. Lots of resources for installing Node if you don't.

First, clone this repository.

Optionally install the live reload extension for Chrome

Install gulp (used for the client code)

npm install -g gulp

Install express (used for the server code)

npm install -g express

In the angular-examples/server directory, run the following to setup the REST server (first time only)

npm install

Then, start the REST server

node rest_api.js

In a separate terminal, in the angular-examples/client directory, run the following to setup the Angular app

npm install

Then, start serving the app


Finally, visit http://localhost:3000 in your web browser



Routes and promises