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Ardentify is a Processing Sketch that automatically identifies Arduino boards.

Uno, LilyPad, Pro Mini 8 and 16MHz as well as some of the older boards Duemilnove, Diecimila, NG are identified correctly. Support for Mega and Mega Pros is being added.

Some day we would love to see this feature baked into the Arduino IDE as an 'identify' button. We're tired of users getting stuck on "Which board do I click on?"

This is an example GUI using Processing. If you're going to use this app, you'll probably need to download the ControlP5 library:
And then install this library by sticking it to the correct processing library directory. This can be tricky. For Windows 7, it's:
C:\Users\NetBook2\Documents\Processing\libraries\controlP5\(all the files in the zip folder)

Why is was the GUI written in Processing? So that some day it can more easily be integrated into the Arduino IDE (written in Java).

Please help by cleaning up and encapsulating the code into various functions and error handlers. Thanks!