Burning Man 2012 Project - Interactive game with sound
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WAK-A-KAT was a project for Burning Man 2012. This is a reaction speed game based on the Wack-A-Mole game. 6 pipes stuck out of the ground about 3 feet tall. At the end of the two rows of pipes (three each) stood a gum ball dispenser. The dispenser was filled full of cat foot.

On the end of each pipe was a large carnival button. Buttons would randomly illuminate and the player would have to hit the button(s) as fast as they could. Throughout the night the game would average the scores together. If you had a score that was better than the average (less total time to complete the game), then you won! And the gum ball dispenser, modified with a continuous servo, would dispense an amount of dry cat food. Yum!

This project was one of the first where I used the Arduino Mega 2560. The PCB layout is a decent example of a shield design for the Mega.

I also used Bill Porter's MP3 library: http://www.billporter.info/sparkfun-mp3-shield-arduino-library/
You rock Bill!

Each pipe was wrapped in EL wire. This provided a level of safety but used quite a bit more power than I predicted causing the 12V battery to drain before the night was over. Lesson: measure your project's power usage before you assume a brick of a battery will do the job.