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K-order Markov Chain server for JabberHive chatbots.
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What is JabberHive?

JabberHive is a modular Reply Bot system. All "modules" are in fact separate programs linked together using the JabberHive Protocol. Please refer to the protocol for more information.

Component Description

  • Server for a JabberHive network.
  • Handles learning & replying using K-order Markov Chains, with k >= 2.
  • Knowledge is kept in RAM.

JabberHive Protocol Compatibility

  • Protocol Version(s): 1 (Targeted).
  • Inbound Connections: Multiple.
  • Outbound Connections: None.
  • Pipelining: No.
  • Behavior: Server.


  • POSIX compliant OS.
  • C compiler (with C99 support).
  • (GNU) make.

How to Build

  • Download the source code.
  • Enter the following command: $ make.
  • Run $ ./jh-markov-k-ram to see how to use the binary.

Example of Use

  • Create a server instance with a socket named /tmp/jh0 and markov order of 3: $ ./jh-markov-k-ram /tmp/jh0 3
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