Android app - Capture ideas for your projects, keep organized and get things done.
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IdeasTracker: Projects & Tasks


IdeasTracker is an entirely free and open source idea, task and project management app helping you keep track of your great ideas. Almost like a To-Do list, but more relax: no annoying reminder, or big red “overdue task” notification. Your ideas/tasks are clearly separated by project, no need for tags or filters, you can simply focus on one project at a time.

Get it on Google Play

Help making the app better

The app has just been released so it's just the begining of its adventure. I need your help as a user or programmer, if you tried the app please give me feedback by email, it also applies if you have any bug to report. You can also open an issue up there so everybody can chat about it.
Feel free to open an issue or email me if you would like a feature to be added to IdeasTracker, Thank you! Feedback is really appreciated.

Features to come

  • Cloud storing with Google Drive
  • Tablet friendly interface
  • Attach drawings to your ideas and more
  • French translation, maybe crowd translation platform
  • Have your features added to the list!

Libraries used

A big thank you to these awesome libraries and their developers, they are great tools to make better looking app and implement features easily in your code. Here are the ones I used for IdeasTracker:

AnimatedExpandableListView -
AppIntro -
ListViewCellDeleteAnimation -
MaterialDrawer -
ShowCase -
Spectrum -
TinyDB -