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test.0001 - basic package import (fmt)
test.0002 - range statement over map variable
test.0003 - type switch statement valid type case
test.0004 - type switch statement default type case
test.0005 - multifile package test, type inference
test.0006 - multifile package test, methods
test.0007 - class selector on packages (var)
test.0008 - variable with anonymous type + type embedding
test.0009 - same as test.0008, but more deeply
test.0010 - type assertion (to *ast.ValueSpec)
test.0011 - *reflect.StructValue, unexported type embedding
test.0012 - type advancing, file with no import statements
test.0013 - binary operators
test.0014 - address of and pointer dereferences
test.0015 - unary operators
test.0016 - for and if else statements
test.0017 - simple functions before and after cursor
test.0018 - complex type inference case
test.0019 - map[string]something.# case
test.0020 - embedded types, method overloading (sort of)
test.0021 - SelectorExpr case, uses package local scope
test.0022 - range loop, but iteratable is returned by a function
test.0023 - simple check for unicode awareness
test.0024 - variable and the type with the same name
test.0025 - built-in package "unsafe"
test.0026 - more anonymous structs
test.0027 - function specific variables scope issues (recv, args, results)
test.0028 - the reason why I need to implement binary ops
test.0029 - import to the current package scope (import . "whatever")
test.0030 - typedef struct type and try to use its fields
test.0031 - simple test for select clause
test.0032 - import all packages (tests package parser)
test.0033 - varargs type as a slice type in different contexts
test.0034 - interface with methods imported from another package
test.0035 - built-in "error" interface
test.0036 - embedded struct in a package as an ordinary field
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