LLVM bindings for the Go programming language
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WARNING: I'm not working on this project anymore, for a more recent version,
take a look at axw's fork: https://github.com/axw/gollvm.


LLVM bindings for the Go programming language

Most of the stuff is ported. API is primitive, it doesn't use Go's type system
extensively to provide safety. I think it's possible to mimic LLVM C++ API type
hierarchy quite closely using Go's methods and type embedding. But I haven't
done that, because doing that requires a lot of usability testing. If anyone is
interested in using Go LLVM bindings for a very big and serious project, let me
know. In that case we can work more closely on improving the bindings API.

P.S. Most notable things that are still missing are BitReader and BitWriter,
I'll implement them soon.