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gortfm - Documentation generator for the Go programming language
cd gortfm
make install
Simplest usage:
cd <my-project-dir>
gortfm $(gortfm-util gofiles)
cd html
<my-favourite-browser> <package-name>.html
More complex:
cd <my-project-dir>
gortfm-util genrule >> Makefile
make html
cd html
<my-favourite-browser> <package-name>.html
I hope it works for you.. Wasn't tested a lot, but it was able to generate
successfully documentation for the whole Go standard library. Btw, you can do
it yourself:
gortfm-util stdlib $GOROOT my_go_documentation
cd my_go_documentation
<my-favourite-browser> index.html
...<enjoy> :-D
Go library documentation:
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