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Termbox is a library that provides a minimalistic API which allows the programmer to write text-based user interfaces. The library is crossplatform and has both terminal-based implementations on *nix operating systems and a winapi console based implementation for windows operating systems. The basic idea is an abstraction of the greatest common subset of features available on all major terminals and other terminal-like APIs in a minimalistic fashion. Small API means it is easy to implement, test, maintain and learn it, that's what makes the termbox a distinct library in its area.


Install and update this go package with go get -u github.com/nsf/termbox-go


For examples of what can be done take a look at demos in the _demos directory. You can try them with go run: go run _demos/keyboard.go

There are also some interesting projects using termbox-go:

  • godit is an emacsish lightweight text editor written using termbox.
  • gotetris is an implementation of Tetris.
  • sokoban-go is an implementation of sokoban game.
  • hecate is a hex editor designed by Satan.
  • httopd is top for httpd logs.
  • mop is stock market tracker for hackers.
  • termui is a terminal dashboard.
  • termloop is a terminal game engine.
  • xterm-color-chart is a XTerm 256 color chart.
  • gocui is a minimalist Go library aimed at creating console user interfaces.
  • dry is an interactive cli to manage Docker containers.
  • pxl displays images in the terminal.
  • snake-game is an implementation of the Snake game.
  • gone is a CLI pomodoro® timer.
  • Spoof.go controllable movement spoofing from the cli
  • lf is a terminal file manager
  • rat lets you compose shell commands to build terminal applications.
  • httplab An interactive web server.
  • tetris Go Tetris with AI option
  • wot Wait time during command is completed.
  • 2048-go is 2048 in Go
  • jv helps you view JSON on the command-line.
  • pinger helps you to monitor numerous hosts using ICMP ECHO_REQUEST.
  • vixl44 lets you create pixel art inside your terminal using vim movements
  • zterm is a typing game inspired by http://zty.pe/
  • gotypist is a fun touch-typing tutor following Steve Yegge's method.
  • cointop is an interactive terminal based UI application for tracking cryptocurrencies.
  • pexpo is a terminal sending ping tool written in Go.

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