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-Copyright (C) 2010-2011 nsf <>
+Copyright (C) 2010-2013 nsf <>
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
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Termbox is a library that provides minimalistic API which allows the
programmer to write text-based user interfaces.
-TODO: more stuff here.
+TODO: better intro.
+VERSION 1.0.0
+- Remove the Go directory. People generally know about termbox-go and where
+ to look for it.
+- Remove old terminfo-related python scripts and backport the new one from
+ termbox-go.
+- Remove cmake/make-based build scripts, use waf.
+- Add a simple terminfo database parser. Now termbox prefers using the
+ terminfo database if it can be found. Otherwise it still has a fallback
+ built-in database for most popular terminals.
+- Some internal code cleanups and refactorings. The most important change is
+ that termbox doesn't leak meaningless exported symbols like 'keys' and
+ 'funcs' now. Only the ones that have 'tb_' as a prefix are being exported.
+- API: Remove unsigned ints, use plain ints instead.
+- API: Rename UTF-8 functions 'utf8_*' -> 'tb_utf8_*'.
+- API: TB_DEFAULT equals 0 now, it means you can use attributes alones
+ assuming the default color.
+- Move python module to its own directory and update it due to changes in the
+ termbox library.
+Termbox comes with a waf-based build scripts. In order to configure, build and
+install it, do the following:
+ ./waf configure --prefix=/usr (configure)
+ ./waf (build)
+ ./waf install --destdir=DESTDIR (install)
+By default termbox will install the header file and both shared and static
+libraries. If you want to install a shared library or static library alone, use
+the following as an install command:
+ ./waf install --targets=termbox_shared --destdir=PREFIX (shared library)
+ ./waf install --targets=termbox_static --destdir=PREFIX (static library)
+In order to install the python module, use the following command (as root or
+via sudo):
+ python install
+Report bugs to the issue tracker. Send rants
+and questions to me:

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