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you will also need to have the "Mercurial" python package installed:
+or you may `pip install mercurial`
+## Using
+hg review [-t TITLE] [-e | -c COMMENT] [-p PEOPLE] [-r REV] [repo]
+aliases: scrutinize
+create a code review for some changesets on kiln
+ Review creates a brand new code review on kiln for a changeset on kiln. If
+ no revision is specified, the code review defaults to the most recent
+ changeset.
+ Specify people to peek at your review by passing a comma-separated list of
+ people to review your code, by passing multiple -p flags, or both. hg
+ review -p tim,alex,ben -p joey
+ You can specify revisions by passing a hash-range,
+ hg review -r 13bs32abc:tip
+ or by passing individual changesets
+ hg review -r 75c471319a5b -r 41056495619c
+ Using -e will open up your favorite editor and includes all the changeset
+ descriptions for any revisions selected as the code review comment.
+use "hg help -e review" to show help for the review extension
+ -t --title TITLE use text as default title for code review
+ -c --comment COMMENT use text as default comment for code review
+ -r --revs REV [+] revisions for review, otherwise defaults to "tip"
+ -p --people REVIEWERS [+] people to include in the review, comma separated
+ -e --editor invoke your editor for default comment

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