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A wireless status widget for awesome
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If you are an Awesome WM user(and if you aren't you should be) you can drop this in your rc.lua and it will generate a widget that notes your wireless status in the format of (connected: --Network-Name--) or (not-connected:) . This could be easily extended to include whatever wireless network data in pertinent to you that can be retrieved by calling executables on the path. I drop this little bugger on my system tray next to the clock and it works like a champ


iwconfig must be on your path


Copy the widget defintions and status function for lua-main.lua into your main awesome configuration. Also ensure that the trim function defined in utility-functions.lua is in scope somewhere when your main lua script is interpreted.n


This is based largely on a battery status widget I've had in my conf forever. I'm not sure where I got it from, but if you recognize the work let me know and I'll glady give credit.

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