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VM testbed


$  sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm
$  sudo apt-get install x11-apps virt-manager

Build the required repositories

$  mkdir out;  mkdir in; mkdir conf; mkdir _dumps
$  mkdir -p  ub1404/BASE

Download the the image and the configurations. Copy them to testbed/ub1404/ub1404_golden/

Add your key to the golden image

Type virt-manager to the server and start the ub1404_golden vm. Connect to it and copy your public key to the .ssh/config/authorizedkeys. if you don't do that when you will be asked to give a passworrd when you ssh into the vms you will create.

Add 5 more interfecase to the goldenimage

$  cd golden ub1404/ub1404_golden/
$  virsh define ub1404_golden.xml
$  ./cloneCtrl.py newBase

Set-up VMs

The following instructions willl help you create N vms.
Each of these will by default run 5 clients.

$ chmod +x MRUN.py

Create N vms with indeces 1 to N.

$ sudo ./MRUN.py make_hosts 1 N

Randomely selects IPs for each client. Saves mapping in the 'in' directory.
Create suitable xml to let vitrtmanger create the networks.
Updates the ssh/config of the server to allow easy ssh to the vm.

$ sudo ./MRUN.py write_nets 1 N new

Create all networks, asign them to vms and start them.

$ sudo ./MRUN.py create_nets 1 N
$ sudo ./MRUN.py asign 1 N
$ sudo ./MRUN.py start_vms 1 N

You should be able to connect to a vm simply by typing ssh vmX (X == the index of your vm). If you are asked for a password then you have not added your public key in the golden image.

Run Bitcoin clients

If you are useing our golden image the bitcoin-testnet-box will already be in each vm.
Still we need to change the owner of the Bitcoin directory.

$ ./MRUN.py chown 1 N
$ chmod +x namespace
$ cp namespace  conf/*/
$ chmod +x Makefile
$ cp Makefile  conf/*/

Change the configuration of the clients to run using a specific IP.
Copy using rsync the custimozed for each vm configuration.

$ sudo ./MRUN.py bind 1 N
$ ./MRUN.py rsync 1 N

Create namespaces in each VM to allow multiple independent clients per VM

$ ./MRUN.py ns 1 N

Start the bitcoin clients in each VM

$ ./MRUN.py run_start 1 N

Instruct the nodes to establish k random connections Note that their peers.dat is empty in the first run.

$ ./MRUN.py new_connections 1 N k

In the MRUN.py change the controller='TO_BE_CHANGED'. Select one vm to be the controller, the controller is used to request Bitcoin status from each vm

You can use 'giveme' to access the API of each Bitcoin client. For instance the following will return the client's peers, the blockchain length and object containing various state info respectively of the third client running on vm 1

$ ./MRUN.py giveme  1 3 getpeerinfo 
$ ./MRUN.py giveme 1 3 'getblockcount'
$ ./MRUN.py  giveme 1 3 getinfo

Destroy vms

The testbed will consume a lot of resources of the sever make sure you clean it properly.

$ ./MRUN.py stop_btc 1 N
$ ./MRUN.py stop_hosts 1 N
$ ./MRUN.py delete_nets 1 N
$ sudo ./MRUN.py delete_hosts 1 N

Please contact me if you have questions

apmaria at ethz dot ch