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SyNET is a system to synthesis network wide configurations given forwarding requirements.

SyNET requirements

SyNET depends on the following packages

  1. Install pip: check your operating system specific instructions or (
  2. Reqs pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. z3 wih python bindings, see

Running SyNET

SyNET is invoked using the following command



A simple example is provided at examples/simple.logic of a topology with 3 nodes connected in a triangle shape. In this example, external BGP traffic is learned via R2. A sample requirement over this topology, is to forward the traffic going externally via the path R1-R3-R2. The requirements are provided in examples/simple-req.logic.

To synthesize the configrations for this example, SyNET can be invoked as follow:

./ -i examples/simple.logic -r examples/simple-req.logic -m bgp

The argument -i specifies the input topology. The topology is represented as a set of Datalog predicates. For instance. +SetNode("R1"). adds a router R1 to the topology, while +SetLink("R1_I1", "R2_I1"). specifics that there is a link between the two interfaces R1_I1 and R2_I1. Note, the + at the beginning of the predicate and . at the end of it.

The argument -r specifices the requirements to be implemented on the given topology. The requirement uses the same syntax as the topology file.

The argument -m specifices which protocols to use: static will only use static routes, ospf will used static and OSPF routes, and bgp will use static, OSPF and BGP routes.

Provided Examples:

We provide two sets of examples. The first set, in examples/CAV-experiments, is a set of synthesized grid topologies in addition to Internet2 topology. This set were used in evaluating SyNET for CAV'17 paper.

You can run these examples via:

TOPO=examples/CAV-experiments/gridrand3; REQ=5; PROT=bgp; ./ -i $TOPO-$PROT-$REQ.logic -r $TOPO-$PROT-$REQ-req.logic -m $PROT

The second set, are more realistic examples take from The Internet Topology Zoo and located at examples/topozoo.

You can run these examples via:

TOPO=examples/topozoo/AttMpls; REQ=1; PROT=bgp; ./ -i $TOPO-$PROT-$REQ.logic -r $TOPO-$PROT-$REQ-req.logic -m $PROT


SyNET Network-wide Configuration Synthesis





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