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Spring Engine is a game engine for RTS styles games, designed after the now classic game Total Annihilation.

The snap contains:

  • SpringLobby
  • The tool pr-downloader that you can use to download engines, games, maps and so on
  • The latest engine, the game Zero-K and a map is included out of the box to make it playable.

The lobby can be used to easily launch single or multiplayer games. It has also a built in utility to download games, maps and other tings from users. If you prefer to use pr-downloader, the command is For example, to download the latest release of BA type ba:stable (Balanced Annihilation is a popular game that is similar to the original Total Annihilation).


  • A easy way to download a mod or map to test the game, just select "Battlelist" and right click a game and select "Download map" and "Download game". You can now try out the game with a mod and map under Singleplayer.


The package is named springlobby-nsg. The default channel i stable and contains verified builds. The edge channel are automatically built and are untested, this channel should always contain the latest release.

# install stable release (recommended)
snap install springlobby-nsg

# test the edge release
snap install --edge springlobby-nsg # new install
snap refresh --edge springlobby-nsg # switch from stable to edge

Is there a new version?

Open an issue. If you like to help, try the edge channel and tell me if that version works on your system.


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