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prometheus mikrotik device(s) exporter
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tl;dr - prometheus exporter for mikrotik devices

This is still a work in progress .. consider master at the moment as a preview release.


A Prometheus Exporter for Mikrotik devices. Can be configured to collect metrics from a single device or multiple devices. Single device monitoring can be configured all on the command line. Multiple devices require a configuration file. A user will be required that has read-only access to the device configuration via the API.

Currently the exporter collects metrics for interfaces and system resources. Others can be added as long as published via the API.

Mikrotik Config

Create a user on the device that has API and read-only access.

/user group add name=prometheus policy=api,read,winbox

Create the user to access the API via.

/user add name=prometheus group=prometheus password=changeme

Single Device

./mikrotik-exporter -address -device my_router -password changeme -user prometheus

where address is the address of your router. device is the label name for the device in the metrics output to prometheus. The user and password are the ones you created for the exporter to use to access the API.

Config File

./mikrotik-exporter -config-file config.yml

where config-file is the path to a config file in YAML format.

example config
  - name: my_router
    user: prometheus
    password: changeme
  - name: my_second_router
    user: prometheus2
    password: password_to_second_router

  bgp: true
  dhcp: true
  dhcpv6: true
  dhcpl: true
  routes: true
  pools: true
  optics: true
example output
mikrotik_interface_tx_byte{address="",interface="ether2",name="my_router"} 1.4189902583e+10
mikrotik_interface_tx_byte{address="",interface="ether3",name="my_router"} 2.263768666e+09
mikrotik_interface_tx_byte{address="",interface="ether4",name="my_router"} 1.6572299e+08
mikrotik_interface_tx_byte{address="",interface="ether5",name="my_router"} 1.66711315e+08
mikrotik_interface_tx_byte{address="",interface="ether6",name="my_router"} 1.0026481337e+10
mikrotik_interface_tx_byte{address="",interface="ether7",name="my_router"} 3.18354425e+08
mikrotik_interface_tx_byte{address="",interface="ether8",name="my_router"} 1.86405031e+08
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