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This project was created to help programmers, providing them a complete tool that supports various languages, including python, C and (coming soon) others. It had been developed in Information Systems Research Group ISRg [1].

Some considerations

These files will replace your vimrc in /home.

General configuration:

  • Line numbers enabled
  • Colored syntax with dark background
  • Show statusbar
  • Markup characters delimiting blankspaces and end of line
  • Mouse support enabled (for those who like to use it)
  • Dynamic search
  • Drag line across the file using arrow keys
  • Different colors to statusbar in insert mode ans normal mode
  • Hide search results with shift+F11
  • Auto-complete for previously typed words
  • Open a new tab using Ctrl+t
  • Move between tabs using Ctrl+'arrow keys'
  • Most of shortcuts are enabled both to normal and insert mode


To install you have to run in terminal:

# ./ -

$ ./

Python specifications

For Python codes will be installed some packages.

  • Ipython [2]: Iterative Python shell
  • Should_dsl [3]: Tool to create high level tests
  • Specloud [4]: Tool tests to run it more cleanly
  • Pip [5]: Tool to install Python packages
  • Python-dev [6]: PyDev is a Python IDE for Eclipse, which may be used in Python, Jython and IronPython development.


  • Specloud = <F5>
  • Ipython = <F9>
  • Run current file with python = <F7>

Some more considerations:

  • Smart identation according to keywords
  • All Tabs in opened files are converted into spaces
  • One Tab is converted to four blank spaces
  • All files are formated according to PEP8

C specifications

For C codes will be installed some packages

  • gcc [7]: Compiler package for C and others languages


  • Compile and run the current file = <F9>
  • Just run the current file = <F5>
  • Interactive GCC = <F6>
  • Just compile the current file = <F7>

Some more considerations:

  • Smart indentation according to C patterns
  • All tabs are converted into four blank spaces