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To install should_dsl you just need to have setuptools installed (it's a dependency).
There is just a little step to install should_dsl, and it is:
-$ python install # maybe you must be root
+$ [sudo] python install
Now you can use should_dsl!
-If you don't have setuptools installed or don't want to download it, you can just copy the file to your python site-packages directory.
-For example:
-$ cp /usr/lib/python2.5/lib/site-packages
+You can use PyPI and install through pip or easy_install:
+$ [sudo] pip install should-dsl
-Or you can choose to install it by easy_install:
-$ easy_install should-dsl # maybe as root
+$ [sudo] easy_install should-dsl
Enjoy it!

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