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OpenLayers 3 Projection Switcher

An OpenLayers 3 Control to switch between projections.


npm install ol3-projection-switcher


Create a Projection Switcher control and add it to the map.

var config = {
  projections: {
    'EPSG:4326': {
      layerId: 'arctic',
      proj4def: '+proj=stere +lat_0=90 +lat_ts=70 +lon_0=-45 +k=1 +x_0=0 +y_0=0 +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs',
      extent: [-4194304, -4194304, 4194304, 4194304],
      maxResolution: 8192.0
var projectionSwitcher = new ol.control.ProjectionSwitcher(config);


The Projection Switcher configuration contains an object with a 'projections' property. Projections are configured with an EPSG code. Each projection is configured using the following properties.

  • layerId (Required) Unique identifier for this projection
  • name (Optional) Hover text used for the projection button
  • label (Optional) Text used for the projection button
  • visible (Required) Set the default layer visibility
  • proj4def (Required) Proj4 Definition from
  • extent (Required) Extent of the layer
  • maxResolution (Required) Max Resolution of the layer
  • zoom (Required) Initial zoom level
  • maxZoom (Required) Maximum zoom level


Examples are found in the examples directory. Run them with Webpack from the project root directory.

First run npm install.

This module uses peer dependencies that are not explicitly installed. npm install openlayers proj4

Basic Example: npm run examples:basic

Hemisphere Example: npm run examples:hemispheres


Start a dev server to run Mocha tests in a browser: npm run test

The tests can be run at http://localhost:3001/test/


To run linting on the project use npm run lint


To distribute the module: npm run dist to build and npm run dist-dev to build a minified version.

The release process follows SemVer. Update the version number with <update_type> being a choice of patch, minor, major: npm version <update_type>

Publish the module: npm publish


The OpenLayers 3 Projection Switcher is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt.