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Welcome to my coding portfolio! Here you can explore some of my recent work in R, including projects from Emory coursework and research.

Emory University, Spring 2022

This folder contains Jupyter Notebook files exploring LASSO, Ridge, and Elastic Net regressions and manual investigations of the algorithms underlying cross validation and k-means clustering.

Emory University, Spring 2020

This folder contains Rmarkdown documents used to generate reports replicating the results of published economic research using the publicly available data sets. These reports were part of class assignments intended to teach us how to apply the causal methods we were learning about (namely, randomized controlled trials, regression discontinuity, differences-in-differences, and instrumental variables) in R.

If you'd prefer to view the output HTML files as webpages, you can use one of the following links to pages on my website:

Emory University, Spring 2020

The final project in the Econemetrics coding lab was to find a data set and generate a report in Rmarkdown containing summary statistics, visualizations, regression models, and analyses of the results. I elected to use the DW-NOMINATE data set from Voteview for my report and examine political ideology by region and political polarization trends over time.

This folder contains the raw Rmarkdown file used to generate the report. If you would rather see the HTML output of the report on my website, you can click here.


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