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a collection of tiny Web services, usable by anyone
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A collection of tiny web services, usable by anyone.

The Phenny IRC bot lets you access each service with the oblique command.

If nslater wanted to use the LastFM service he might do:

<nslater> .o lastfm USERNAME
<phenny> Now playing Track by Artist from the album Album -

Since USERNAME defaults to IRC nick he can also do:

<nslater> .o lastfm
<phenny> Now playing Track by Artist from the album Album -

You can configure Phenny to use your own custom services by adding the following to your configuration:

services = ""

After adding a new service you must refresh Phenny:

<nslater> .o refresh
<phenny> nslater: Okay, found 20 services.

Phenny will now be able to call any of the services listed by using the oblique command:

<nslater> .o name
<phenny> results

Service urls may include the following variables that will automatically be replaced:

  • @${args}@ - Arguments included after the command name
  • @${sender}@ - If sent from a channel, the channel name. If sent via privmsg the same as @${nick}@
  • @${nick}@ - Nick of message sender
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