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Command plugin for Plover to switch the active system
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Plover System Switcher

Command plugin for Plover to switch the active system.


Download the latest version of Plover for your operating system from the releases page. Only versions 4.0.0.dev6 and higher are supported.

  1. Open Plover
  2. Navigate to the Plugin Manager tool
  3. Select the "plover-system-switcher" plugin entry in the list
  4. Click install
  5. Restart Plover

The same method can be used for updating and uninstalling the plugin.


In order to use this plugin you just need to create a dictionary entry of the form:

    "example_stroke": "{PLOVER:SWITCH_SYSTEM:system name}"

For example, if you were in a non-English system you could switch to English with the following:

    "example_stroke": "{PLOVER:SWITCH_SYSTEM:English Stenotype}"
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