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Amateur radio helper
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lid (n):
  1. A removable or hinged cover for a hollow receptacle or box.
  2. An inept or otherwise incompetent amateur radio operator.

What is it?

Lid aims to be an Perl-based all-encompassing helper for all things amateur radio. The plan is to have a single
daemon which can monitor the DX cluster, APRS messages, PSKReporter spots, WSPR spots, etc., and then record/
report/alert based on that information.

Why 'lid'?

Because I'm unimaginative.

Can I use it?

In short: No.

Not so short: Not just yet...

This is still very much alpha at the moment. All that is in place is the framework for loading modules and passing
messages between them.

If you *really* want to try it (and seriously, it doesn't do anything yet!), checkout a copy of the code and run

 # ./

...and watch the pretty colourful debug messages fly by. By default, it'll start a TCP listener on port 4321.

Author and Copyright
(c)2011 Andy Smith M0VKG <>
No official copyright statement yet, but consider it released under the same terms as Perl itself.
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