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MooTools Plugins and Enhancements Repository


  • Need to add tests for all libs
  • Make the Date Specs pass in all browsers
  • Move demo/tutorials from Clientcide wiki to Mootorial; update links in docs



  • need to figure out docs
  • need to decide how more is presented w/ regards to -core;* ?
  • need to get access to push releases (for Aaron at least - I don't have access now)
  • need demos


Breaking Changes from More

  • Tips
    • options:offsets in Tips renamed to offset

Breaking Changes from Clientcide

  • IframeShim
    • options:zindex renamed to zIndex
    • makeShim method gone
    • occluded property ( now camelcase (iframeShim). consistent with tween, morph, etc
  • JsonP
    • renamed to Request.JSONP
    • constructor/send/prepareUrl take options hash, no longer an url directly (like Request)
    • user can change options on the fly when calling send() with a new hash, reusing the object
    • added check method. support for link: ignore, cancel, chain (like Request)
    • added success, request and cancel events
    • data can be a hash or string now (like Request)
    • queryString option gone
    • makeUrl logic now moved to new getScript(), which directly returns the script
    • changed how it essentially works. instead of storing the object reference, we store a new function every time a request is made, that keeps a reference of the script element and the object instance.
    • abortAfter and timeout gone. there's now a single timeout for retries and for when retries run out.
    • globalFunction gone, deemed useless
  • Browser.Extras completely refactored into URI Native object
    • Browser.redraw is gone
  • Class.Binds no longer supports lowercase binds
  • Element.fxOpacityOk (which was never documented or intended for external use) is gone
  • FormValidator base class no longer does what it did (that is now in FormValidator.Inline)
  • OverText
    • no longer takes a collection of inputs.
    • .showTxt > .show, .hideTxt > .hide
    • .hide and .show no longer take the element and 'focus' arguments.
    • .repositionAll is gone; .repositionOverTxt is now just .reposition; it does not take an argument
  • Element.setPosition is now Element.position