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Neo SPCC – R&D team developing an open-source truly decentralized cloud platform and supporting the Neo core

Neo SPCC is an R&D team developing an open-source truly decentralized cloud platform and supporting the Neo core. Our main products are NeoFS and NeoGo.

We operate as an open community, PR and issues are welcome in every repository, but to get some understanding of how we work and what we expect from contributors take a look at our .github repository. Below is an outline of major repositories maintained by us.


NeoFS is a decentralized distributed object storage system integrated with the Neo blockchain. There are two public NeoFS networks, mainnet and testnet associated with the respective Neo networks. But if you're looking at our Github, then you should know there are ways to run your own private network as well.


Take a look at the specification, it explains most of the concepts and provides both a high-level overview and a detailed API explanation.

neofs-sdk-go (godoc) is the way to programmatically interact with the system. If you need a definition of the core NeoFS API, that'd be neofs-api.

Private networks

The easiest way to get a NeoFS instance with complete API support for initial testing or application development is neofs-aio.

More complex scenarios with multiple nodes can be tested with neofs-dev-env, but it's more intended for people developing NeoFS itself.

Nodes and CLI

NeoFS node source code and releases with all of the appropriate binaries can be found in the neofs-node repository. They can also be used to run a storage node of your own on public networks (mainnet/testnet).


NeoFS test suite (including gateway tests) can be found in neofs-testcases.

NeoFS k6 extension for performance testing is in xk6-neofs.


NeoFS nodes provide only NeoFS API, but there are additional services implementing layers above this API, they're called gateways:

  • neofs-rest-gw makes NeoFS API a RESTful one, this is the primary way to integrate with NeoFS for third-party applications
  • neofs-s3-gw implements a compatible subset of Amazon S3 protocol


We provide a GitHub action to push anything into NeoFS in gh-push-to-neofs. There is also a more specific one is gh-push-allure-report-to-neofs that contains some additional code to manage Allure test reports.

panel-fs-neo-org is an example of NeoFS data management application.

send-fs-neo-org is a simple example of application built on top of NeoFS. It uses neofs-oauthz internally to authenticate users (and issue bearer tokens for them).

Popular application forks with NeoFS support added:


NeoGo is a complete Neo protocol implementation, including consensus nodes and Go smart contract compiler, take a look at neo-go repository, it's all there. It uses dBFT protocol implementation from dbft.

To learn more about Neo smart contract development in Go take a look at neo-go-sc-wrkshp.

There is also a Neo performance testing tool, neo-bench.

Provisioning and monitoring

NeoFS nodes, gateways and NeoGo instances can be managed with Ansible using roles provided by NSPCC:

All services export Prometheus metrics with service-specific data. If you want to get some additional data from Neo networks (like balance tracking of FS network map), take a look at neo-exporter.


  1. neofs-node neofs-node Public

    NeoFS is a decentralized distributed object storage integrated with the Neo blockchain

    Go 31 38

  2. neofs-api neofs-api Public

    NeoFS API documentation and proto files declaration

    Makefile 10 15

  3. neo-go neo-go Public

    Go Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain

    Go 117 76

  4. neofs-dev-env neofs-dev-env Public

    NeoFS local Development and Testing environment

    Makefile 9 25

  5. neo-bench neo-bench Public

    Neo Blockchain Benchmark toolkit

    Go 10 3

  6. neofs-api-go neofs-api-go Public

    NeoFS API Golang repository contains implementation of core NeoFS structures that can be used for integration with NeoFS.

    Go 11 9


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