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@roman-khimov roman-khimov released this 22 Feb 10:41
· 5457 commits to master since this release

We're updating NeoGo node for Neo 2 network with this release bringing a number of fixes for various problems. Some were found during our internal RPC compatibility audit and some are just backports from Neo 3 development branch. There are no new features introduced, but it's an important upgrade. Unfortunately we had to change the DB format to fix some problems, so add some time for resynchronization to your node maintenance plan.


  • RPC documentation was updated mentioning all known differences with C# implementation that are considered to be not worth fixing (#1760)

Bugs fixed:

  • when mempool is full new transaction's hash could still be added into it even if transaction is to be rejected afterwards (#1623)
  • gettxout RPC API was returning data for already spent outputs, although it shouldn't (C# node doesn't do that, #1649)
  • getrawtransaction RPC call returned metadata for pooled (not yet accepted) transactions (#1648)
  • gettransactionheight RPC call returned zero height for pooled (not yet accepted) transactions (#1648)
  • VM CLI set breakpoints after target instructions, although it should set them before execution (#1648)
  • a peer could be disconnected and not reconnected again properly in some cases (#1648)
  • missing write timeout could lead to broadcasting stalls (#1648)
  • CN transaction requests could try to ask for more transactions from peers than it is allowed to by the protocol (#1648)
  • CN transaction requests could be trimmed unnecessarily (#1648)
  • FP Fixed8 values (GAS usually) could be unmarshalled from JSON/YAML incorrectly in some cases (#1761)
  • previous proposal reuse could lead to empty blocks accepted even if there are transactions in the mempool (#1761)
  • UTXO asset issuer wasn't properly stored by the node (#1760)
  • getassetstate RPC call answer used wrong field name for "frozen" data (#1760)
  • UTXO asset type was serialized as numeric code instead of a string in getrawtransaction and getassetstate RPC call results (#1760)
  • getblockheader RPC call didn't support block numbers in parameters (#1760)
  • getblocksystemfee RPC call returned block's system fee while it should return cumulative system fee from genesis block to the one requested (#1760)
  • system fee calculation was wrong for some types of transactions (#1760)
  • gettxout RPC call implementation was returning asset hash in wrong byte order (#1760)
  • getpeers RPC call implementation returned port numbers wrapped into strings (#1760)
  • getenrollments RPC call implementation returned duplicate wrong records along with proper ones (#1760)
  • NEP5 tracking code wasn't deleting entries with zero balance leading to excessive getnep5balances request outputs for some addresses (#1760)
  • NEP5 tracking code wasn't able to handle tokens overflowing int64 in transfer and balance amounts (like pnWETH, #1760)
  • confirmations value in getblock RPC call response was shifted by two (#1760)
  • some fields with default values were omitted for getrawtransaction and getblock RPC call answers with Register and Publish transactions (#1760)