Fixed size vectors using type level naturals
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Fixed size vectors using type-level naturals

This package aims to replicate most of the api exposed by the Data.Vector.Generic module of the vector package in a typesafe way. Some functions, such as slice, have different types:

-- Data.Vector.Generic
slice :: Vector v a => Int -> Int -> v a -> v a

-- Data.Vector.Generic.Fixed
slice :: ( KnownNat start
         , KnownNat length
         , KnownNat total
         , GT ~ CmpNat total (start + length)
         , G.Vector v a
         ) => Proxy# start -> Proxy# length -> V total v a -> V length v a

The latter's type signature looks a bit scary, but the type safety is sometimes worth it. What's more, not only is the newtype wrapper V free, but Proxy#'s are as well (unlike Int's...).

It is worth noting that some functions from vector, such as filter, have no direct analog in the fixed-length world.