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Isabelle packaged using Nix without prebuilt platform-specific binary artifacts
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Isabelle depends on old versions of many third-party tools. Due to the difficulty of packaging and composing all of these dependencies, Isabelle is normally distributed as binary artifacts rather than source.

This repository contains Nix expressions which package Isabelle and all of its components from source, without any prebuilt platform-specific binary artifacts.

Packaging from source has allowed me to run Isabelle on aarch64. Doing so is not officially supported by Isabelle, but required only a tiny patch. However, Isabelle on aarch64 is disproportionately slow. I suspect this is due to sub-optimal PolyML codegen.


Build Isabelle:

$ nix-build -A isabelle
$ ./result/bin/isabelle version

Install Isabelle:

$ nix-env -f . -iA isabelle
$ isabelle version

Build the sessions that ship with Isabelle in a sandbox. This will skip the Haskell session, which uses Stack and cannot be run in a sandbox.

$ nix-build -A tests.lib

Build AFP within a Nix shell:

$ nix-shell -A
[nix-shell]$ setup # symlink from $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/preferences (see ./tests/default.nix)
[nix-shell]$ isabelle ghc_setup
[nix-shell]$ isabelle ocaml_setup
[nix-shell]$ isabelle build -d $afp -a


I've built the entire Archive of Formal Proofs except for three sessions (Native_Word due to lack of memory, and Projective_Geometry and Iptables_Semantics_Examples_Big for unknown reasons) on x86_64-linux and x86_64-darwin using this package.

Success on aarch64-linux has been limited by some components' support for aarch64. Perhaps most importantly, it seems that PolyML's codegen for aarch64 may not have received the same optimization treatment as that for x86. Also, versions of Z3 ranging from 4.4.0 to 4.8.5 (current at time of writing) hang or segfault on some Isabelle-generated SMT. However, all else seems to working fine for basic use.

I have not tested this package on x86_64-*bsd. However, this work is at the very least a good starting point for an Isabelle distribution for a BSD.

The Isabelle expression in upstream nixpkgs applies patchelf to the binary Isabelle distribution. I plan on proposing to replace it with the Isabelle expression in this repository.

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