Some useful tty/pty-related hacks
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Some tty/pty-related hacks that I find useful.


Usage: partpy [-ioe] DRIVER_SCRIPT SLAVE [SLAVE_ARGS ...]

Creates a new pty pair and forks:

  • sh -c DRIVER_SCRIPT FD where FD is the master end's file descriptor.
  • SLAVE [SLAVE_ARGS ...] with the slave end as the controlling terminal. Sets the file descriptors given by [-ioe] (in, out, err) to the slave end.

See ./examples/popup-fzf for an example usage.


Usage: tmuxdo [-z] [-s SIZE[%]] [--] CMD [ARGS ...]

Effectively runs the given CMD with ARGS in a new tmux pane by changing all file descriptors that point to the current controlling terminal to the pty newly created by tmux. -z splits horizontally instead of vertically.

This program depends on reptyr. If it doesn't work, there may be a ptrace problem. Try sudo sh -c 'echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope'.

tmuxtry does the same thing, unless $TMUX is not set, in which case CMD [ARGS ...] is run normally.


urxvtdo [-ioe] [-g GEOMETRY] [--] CMD [ARGS ...]

Effectively runs the given CMD with ARGS in a new urxvt window by changing the given file descriptors to the pty newly created by urxvt. -g causes the new window to be transient with the given geometry.

withtty [TODO]

Usage withtty [-twb] [-mcx] [--] CMD [ARGS ...]

Effectively runs the given CMD with ARGS in some tty somewhere, based on the environment and some given preferences.

-m, -c, and -x indicate preference order of a tmux pane, the current tty, or a urxvt window. Those not provided as arguments will be filled in afterwards in the order mxc.

-t is for a tall tty, -w for wide, and -b for both ("big").