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Firebird Emu Build Status

This project is currently the community TI-Nspire emulator, originally created by Goplat.
It supports the emulation of Touchpad, TPad CAS, CX and CX CAS calcs on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows.




Windows: Android:
macOS: iOS:


First, you need to install Qt5.
Then, you can either use Qt Creator directly (don't forget to configure your kits/compilers etc.!), or run:

mkdir -p build
cd build
qmake ..
A special case: iOS with translation (≈JIT) enabled:

There seems to be a bug in qmake that makes the required .S get ignored when building a JIT-enabled (TRANSLATION_ENABLED = true) binary.
As a workaround, you'll have to take care of it manually:

  1. Hit Build in Qt Creator, on an iOS kit/target. (It'll fail)
  2. Open the generated .xcodeproj file (in the build folder) in Xcode
  3. Locate asmcode_arm.S in the file list, click on it, and in the right sidebar, add it to the Firebird target
  4. Adjust any other project settings as you see fit (certs/profiles/team/signings/entitlements/etc. though this should be automatic except the Team choice)
  5. Build/Run


This work (except the icons from the KDE project) is licensed under the GPLv3.

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