Editing Display Montages in Sleep Portal Viewer

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Changes to what channels are displayed and their order is edited in the Ch Selection menu. Click on Ch Selection and you will see a listing of all Available Channels on the left and Selected Channels (currently displayed) on the right. Channels are displayed in the order listed in the right pane. Two modes are available to apply montages: Referential Mode and Bipolar Mode. Use Referential Mode to select single channel signals to display as shown below, and use Bipolar Mode to display signal difference.

Referential Mode and Bipolar Mode

To create a new montage:

  1. Select each channel to display and click Remove if it is not in the Available Channels pane.
  2. Once all channels you wish to use are listed as available begin adding them back to Selected Channels in the order you wish to display them from top to bottom.
  3. Once your montage is complete it can be saved or reloaded using the buttons below.

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