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Stepwise, Reusable CTF framework By NSSLab@UGA intro website

File structures

  • ctfs:
    • Dir for challenges contents
  • django_reuse:
    • The website project written in Django
  • dockers:
    • The dockerfiles for creating required docker images
      • ubuntu_14: Modified image for ubuntu14
      • lamp: Modified image for lamp

CTF-Migration(set up the environment)

This script is used to migrate the CTF Website.

In order to use this script, simplely execute:


The script will install the django framework and all other necessary dependency. During the running of the script, you will be asked to provide some variables(Path to directory, Mysql root password, permission to install apts and so on...) The source code of the challenges and the website will be place in a folder you name under $HOME directory. Also, a folder named guest will be created in the root directory /guests. This folder contains the files for website users.
The website uses MySQL database and will create a user named djdb with password django.

After successfully migrate the website, you have to create an admin account.
Navigate to the folder that contains the source code of the website and execute

python createsuperuser

!Do not use superuser account to login into the reuse ctf website. It is just for admin management website.


Start the Server

Navigate to the folder that contains the source code of the website

python runserver --insecure

This command will startup the server at localhost and port 8000. You can also start the server at different port and different ip address.

python runserver ip_address:port_number --insecure

According to Django document, --insecure option is used to force serving of static files with the staticfiles app even if the DEBUG setting is False. We recommend setup Apache as a proxy to serve all static files(such as css files, static binary challenges and so on)

Technical Specification

  • site /reuse is the challenge website

  • site /admin is the admin management website(where your can use the superuser account to manage reuse site)

  • After a new user signed up, the admin should change the related Guest value is_granted from 0 to 1, so that the granted user account have access to all challenge related informations.

  • For table Ctf_info:

    • status 0 stands for closing the level to (normal) users
    • status 1 stands for opening the level to userss
  • For table Guest:

    • `status 2 stands for users with access to all challenges(even if the ctf status is 0)
    • status 1 stands for normal users that we tracked information in "scoreboard"
    • by default, the new created guest's status is 0, which has the same access as status 1, but cannot be seen in scoreboard information.


The django framework for SRCTF website with the setting up scripts






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