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Objective-C Runtime Browser, for Mac OS X and iOS
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This is a class browser for the Objective-C runtime on iOS and OS X. It gives you full access to all classes loaded in the runtime; allows you to dynamically load new modules and their classes; shows every method implemented on each class; and displays information in a header (.h) file format.

We have found this to be a useful development tool. Please note, however, that each user is responsible for their own usage.

The original version was released in April 2002 by Ezra Epstein. The project is maintained by Nicolas Seriot since August, 2008.

iOS Version

  • browse by class tree, image or indexed list
  • search in classes names
  • headers retrieval through HTTP port 10000
  • instantiates most classes including allocation of non-shared instances
  • allows invocation of methods including inputting of parameters at runtime

You can browse the iOS headers as seen by RuntimeBrowser.

RuntimeBrowser RuntimeBrowser

OS X Version

Latest build: 2019-11-17 344 KB

  • browse by class tree, image, list or protocols
  • search in classes contents
  • syntax colorization
  • drag and drop frameworks and headers


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