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import os
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
class WhitespaceListener(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
"""Event listener to manage whitespace on save"""
def on_pre_save(self, view):
if view.settings().get('expand_tabs_on_save') == True:
if view.settings().get('trim_trailing_whitespace_on_save') == True:
if view.settings().get('ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save') == True:
class TrimTrailingWhitespace(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
"""Trims trailing whitespace."""
def run(self, *args):
trailing_white_space = self.view.find_all("[\t ]+$")
edit = self.view.begin_edit()
for match in trailing_white_space:
self.view.erase(edit, match)
class EnsureNewlineAtEof(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
"""Ensures the desired number of trailing new lines.
Set 'max_newline_removals' to the number of newlines to be removed ('
a performance/sanity check.')
Set 'trailing_newlines' to the number of desired newlines at the end of
the file.
def run(self, *args):
# Remove up to *max_newline_removals* trailing new lines.
max_removals = self.view.settings().get('max_newline_removals', 20)
edit = self.view.begin_edit()
for i in range(max_removals):
size = self.view.size()
last_line = self.view.full_line(size - 1)
if size > 0 and self.view.substr(last_line) == '\n':
self.view.erase(edit, last_line)
# Add desired trailing newlines
trailing_newlines = self.view.settings().get('trailing_newlines', 1)
for i in range(trailing_newlines):
if not self.view.substr(last_line).endswith('\n'):
self.view.insert(edit, self.view.size(), '\n')
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