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JS4Shiny R2D3 Section

Repo Layout

  • data/: Various CSVs with raw and cleaned data.
  • data_manipulation_scripts/: R Scripts to read and clean data for use in app.
  • step_*/: Full shiny app as it should exist at the end of each step.
  • tree_app/: Final form of Shiny app.
  • slides/: RMarkdown slides for R2D3 presentation

How to download

Either clone this repo or download the zip file of all code.



There are a few things you can do to get unstuck

  • You can skip a sticky step by simply going each steps folder to find the code as it should be at the end of the step.
  • Click the step title to see the exact code that should change for each step
  • Ask questions! If it's confusing I guarentee it's not just you. This is complicated stuff!


Step 1: Run shiny app with regression model to see how it works

  1. Open step_1/app.R
  2. Press "Run App".

Step 2: Find visualization on Observable and paste into r2d3 script in RStudio

  1. Go to observable notebook with species visualization
  2. Copy all the code inside comments // Start copying here and // End copying here.
  3. Create a new "D3 Script" in RStudio
  4. Paste all code from Observable into new file
  5. Replace data=c(0.3, 0.6, 0.8, 0.95, 0.40, 0.20) in header with readr::read_csv("data/tree_benefits.csv")
  6. Save file as tree_viz.js in step_1/ folder

Step 3: Add display of plot to shiny app

  1. Add d3Output("tree_viz") in your UI function
  2. Add output$tree_viz <- renderD3({r2d3(data = tree_benefits, script = "tree_viz.js")}) to Server function
  3. Run app again

Step 4: Wire up message from visualization to shiny

  1. In tree_viz.js, search for the function submit_selection() and uncomment the lines to send to shiny that starts with // if(Shiny){....
  2. Replace the lines for getting chosen species from species_1 <- input$species_1 to species_1 <- input$selected_species[1] and species_2 <- input$species_2 to species_2 <- input$selected_species[2].
  3. Add a req(input$selected_species) line at start of output$regressionOutput <- renderPlot({ to avoid shiny attempting to run without input.


Repo for R2D3 section at the javascript for shiny users workshop at RStudio::Conf 2020






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