A bunch of shiny modules that let shiny sense the world around it.
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A series of shiny modules to help shiny sense the world around it.

It's called shinysense because shinyinputs seemed kinda lame.

How do I use it?

shinysense is not currently on CRAN. To install it use the devtools github function.


Once the app is installed just included it in your shiny app the way you usually would:

#my super cool shiny app

There currently is no website for the documentation to reside in, but all the functions are documented. To figure out how to use these see the demo code posted below or just in R do the standard documentation search.

#I have no idea how these ridiculous functions work!
#oh, I still have no idea.

Senses present:



  • shinyear : Records audio on a button press and returns the fast-fourier transformed signal to the server.


  • shinysee : Record images from a a webcam or mobile camera (android only unfortunately).
    • Coming soon.


  • shinymovr : Capture and return accelerometer data from your phone or tablet.


  • shinypopup : A lot of times when you're developing an app using the above senses you need to let your user's know you're collecting their data. This module creates a popup that obscures a given section of your app that forces the user to accept your terms before they can go any further.
    • Used in papr to force people to accept our data use agreement.
    • Demo. Code.

Nothing works, what do I do?

The probability of there being bugs in these functions is unfortunately high. If you've found one I would be delighted if you could file a new issue here. I'll try my best to at least respond.