A very similar style to the original tufte hugo theme but with a few modifications. Used in my blogdown blog.
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Nick Strayer
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Tuftesque Hugo Theme

A hugo (but meant for blogdown) theme heavily inspired by the Tufte theme css but with a few customizations that make it more suibtable to a code-centric blog. These include a non-sidebared main page and some tiny css tweeks. Used in our blog Live Free or Dichotomize. Forked from Hugo-Tufte.

Site Parameters

There are a few things you can tweak with the theme that require very little effort. (Everything can be changed if you just copy the file containing what you want to change into your personal blogPath/layouts/ directory).

Background Color

You can change the background color of the whole website by adding a value in your blog's config.toml with the value Params.backgroundcolor. E.g.

    backgroundcolor = "steelblue"

It currently defaults to the hex value #fffff8 which is a light cream color.

For a more detailed explanation of how to customize your blog using tuftesque see this blogpost on the subject.

... more docs to come.