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Command framework for Sublime Text 3.
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Sublime Text's Suricate

Command framework for Sublime Text 3.

Sublime Text's Suricate provides an easier way to implement simple commands to extend Sublime Text functionality without the need to create a new plugin. It unifies the concept of command, key-binding and menu entry in a single one-place definition.

Sublime Suricate loads a single plugin that parses and handles the whole collection of commands, enabling and disabling commands based on a simple set of flags and settings. The commands are organized in Suricate Profiles, when a profile is active the commands in it are parsed and the necessary Sublime Text configuration files are generated. The Suricate allows commands to call static Python methods directly, implementing a new command is as easy as writing one Python function. The Suricate also comes with a library of command utils and convenient wrappers around Sublime Text's API, as well as a collection of handy commands.

  • Extended API with convenient functions that simplify common plugin tasks.
  • Straightforward calls to Python functions without the need to write new plugin classes.
  • A single plugin is loaded to handle the whole collection of commands, library modules are loaded only when needed.
  • Commands are organized in Suricate Profiles, easily activate or deactivate sets of commands adding or removing profiles.
  • Shipped with a handy collection of commands.

Take a look at the Quick Guide.

Shipped Profiles


A miscellaneous set of commands including quick open a list of favorites files (<c>+o,<c>+p), quick dictionary switch (shift+f6), date-time utilities, color scheme and theme switchers, expand line, and open terminal on current file's folder among other.

Search Tools

Tools for searching the web from within Sublime Text or launching your default browser. Search on google with <c>+o,<c>+g, open the search bar with <c>+o,<c>+s and <c>+alt+o to display a pop-up with the results from DuckDuckGo for the text under your cursor.

Version Control

Experimental version control support based on json files that handles different version control systems under the same interface. Partially supported Git, Svn and SurroundSCM.

Note that this profile is not active by default, add it to your profiles through the command palette: "Suricate: Add Profile...".

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