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Updating sample example message in README.

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commit 8446ebdcc6ecd12c4577186228beb90907a5121b 1 parent 3b653be
@dtchepak dtchepak authored
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@@ -57,9 +57,11 @@ We can check that our substitute received a call, and did not receive others:
If our Received() assertion fails, NSubstitute tries to give us some help as to what the problem might be:
- NSubstitute.Exceptions.CallNotReceivedException : Expected to receive call:
+ NSubstitute.Exceptions.ReceivedCallsException : Expected to receive a call matching:
Add(1, 2)
- Actually received (non-matching arguments indicated with '*' characters):
+ Actually received no matching calls.
+ Received 2 non-matching calls (non-matching arguments indicated with '*' characters):
Add(1, *5*)
Add(*4*, *7*)
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