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About is a free dynamic DNS service. is also the name of the software used to implement it. If you like, you can use it to host the service on your own server.


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  • Frontend: Dynamic DNS updates via dyndns2 protocol (like supported by many DSL/cable routers and client software).
  • Backends:
    • Uses Dynamic DNS UPDATE protocol (RFC 2136) to update compatible nameservers like BIND, PowerDNS and others (the nameserver itself is not included).
    • Optionally uses the dyndns2 protocol to update other services - we can send updates to configurable third-party services when we receive an update from the router / update client.
  • Prominently shows visitor's IP addresses (v4 and v6) on main view, shows reverse DNS lookup results (on host overview view).
  • Multiple Hosts per user (using separate secrets for security)
  • Add own domains / nameservers (public or only for yourself)
  • Related Hosts: support updating DNS records of other hosts in same LAN by a single updater (e.g. for IPv6 with changing prefix, IPv4 also works)
  • Login with local or remote accounts (Google, GitHub, Bitbucket, ... accounts - everything supported by the python-social-auth package)
  • Manual IP updates via web interface
  • Browser-based update client for temporary/adhoc usage
  • Shows time since last update via API, whether it used TLS or not
  • Shows IP v4 and v6 addresses (from master nameserver records)
  • Shows client / server fault counters, available and abuse flags
  • Supports IP v4 and v6, TLS.
  • Easy and simple web interface, it tries to actively help to configure routers / update clients / nameservers.
  • Made with security and privacy in mind
  • No nagging, no spamming, no ads - trying not to annoy users
  • Free and open source software, made with Python and Django