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Minimal Ethereum delegatecall proxies
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Huff Proxies

A few Ethereum delegate-call proxies written in raw bytecode via Huff. The goal is proxies as close to the metal as possible with minimal deployment costs and call overhead.

Constant Proxy


The cheapest of the cheap. Deploys a proxy with a hardcoded target address, which means no SSTORE operations on deployment and no SLOAD overhead on calls. The hardocded address can be changed in the TARGET macro. This has not been tested much, but seems to be working and fairly close to optimized.

Storage Proxy


Deploys a more traditional proxy with a modifiable target address. Takes a single constructor argument (the target), and stores it at the TARGET_SLOT. Working, but not well tested or optimized. Also, this one can only be compiled with the patched fork of huff at nsward/huff. Not sure if this fork will be merged or not, but it allows the bytecode necessary to copy constructor args to be parsed correctly.

2D Proxy


Idea borrowed from GNSPS/2DProxy. A proxy that delegatecalls it's constructor. Takes the first 32 bytes of constructor args as the runtime_target, to which future delegatecalls are made. The next 32 bytes of constructor args are the constructor_target. All remaining constructor arguments are copied into memory, then the proxy delegatecalls to the constructor_target with the copied args as calldata. There is a basic outline for this one, but it's still missing some pieces.


git clone --recursive
npm install

Compile bytecode

npm run compile - compiles bytecode to proxies.json

Run huff tests

npm run test -- (there aren't any yet)

Run solidity tests

see proxies.test.huff

Run K tests

lol good luck

For solidity equivalents and usage

see proxies.test.huff


  • add huff tests
  • add k tests
  • beef up solidity tests
  • finish 2d proxy
  • add equivalent solidity implementations
  • size and gas comparison to solidity implementations
  • documentation or whatever

Contributions and optimizations welcome, or feel free to fork and make it your own.

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