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Nsys Platform Scripts

Quick links


Installation and maintenance scripts for Nsys Platform.

How to install Nsys Platform on Unix/Linux

Default installation (example # 1)

# curl -sSL | bash

Default installation (example # 2)

# wget -qO- | bash

Default installation (example # 3)

# curl -o
# chmod a+x
# ./

Default installation (example # 4)

# wget -O
# chmod a+x
# ./

Custom installation

# curl -o
# chmod a+x
# ./ --nsys-user nsys --nsys-group nsys --nsys-basedir /opt/nsys --nsys-home /var/nsys/application-data

Available options for script

# ./ --help

Nsys Platform Installation Script
Copyright 2015, 2018 - Tomas Hrdlicka <>
All rights reserved.


More information about installation and configuration you can find at

Usage: ./ [OPTIONS]

    -u, --nsys-user USER     Nsys Platform Control system user acount
    -g, --nsys-group GROUP   Nsys Platform Control system user group
    -b, --nsys-basedir DIR   Nsys Platform installation directory (e.g. /opt/nsys)
    -h, --nsys-home DIR      Nsys Platform home directory for application data
                             (e.g. /var/nsys/application-data)
        --reinstall          Uninstall the current version of Nsys Platform,
                             then continue with the installation of the latest
                             version. Backup of the previous installation
                             is available in folder $NSYS_BASEDIR/.backup
        --force-download     Download latest version of the bundle everytime
        --cfg-daemon-srv     Configure Nsys Daemon to run as service
        --cfg-portal-srv     Configure Nsys Portal to run as service
        --help               Show help and quit

   # ./ --nsys-user nsys --nsys-group nsys \
     --nsys-basedir /opt/nsys --nsys-home /var/nsys/application-data
   # ./
   # ./ --reinstall
   # ./ --reinstall --force-download
   # ./ --cfg-daemon-srv
   # ./ --cfg-portal-srv
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