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Library Application

This is a showcase application. It aims to demonstrate several software engineering practices and a lot of current technology. The application itself is book management system which allows for:

  • adding of new books
  • listing of books
  • borrowing of books
  • returning of borrowed books

The application is divided into several modules:

  • The library-service is the main backend application. It manages the data, dispatches domain events and manages consistency.
  • The library-enrichment is a background service which reacts to book-added domain events by looking up additional information about newly added books. If it finds any, it will update the book record via the library-service.
  • The library-integration-slack is a service which reacts to book-added domain events by posting them to a configured slack channel.
  • The library-ui is a client side frontend for the library-service. It allows for the management of the library as well as the borrowing and returning of books by customers.

Technology Showcases

  • Kotlin (library-service and library-enrichment)
  • Spring Boot 2 (library-service and library-enrichment)
  • JUnit 5 with custom extensions (library-service and library-enrichment)
  • MongoDB with Spring Data (library-service)
  • AMQP with RabbitMQ (library-service and library-enrichment)
  • Hypermedia APIs with Spring HATEOAS (library-service)
  • Test-driven API documentation with Spring REST Docs (library-service)
  • Documentation generation with Asciidoctor (library-service)
  • Declarative REST Clients with Feign (library-enrichment)
  • Contract Testing with PACT (library-service and library-enrichment)

Software Engineering Practices

  • Modular Application Design
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Hexagonal Architectures
  • Clean Code
  • Testable Architecture / Design
  • Test Automation
  • Unit, Integration and Acceptance Tests
  • Testing application slices


A reference implementation of a Spring Boot Microservice backend and Angular 5 frontend







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