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A collection of Pact related libraries
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testIT | Pact Libraries

This repository hosts libraries related to working with Pact (

Pact Provider JUnit 5

The pact-provider-junit5 module contains a basic provider side test factory implementations for running RequestResponsePact and MessagePact pacts using JUnit 5's @TestFactory mechanism.

Request / Response Pact provider side tests:

@SpringBootTest(classes = [Application::class], webEnvironment = RANDOM_PORT)
class HttpContractTest {

    @MockBean lateinit var dataStore: BookDataStore
    @MockBean lateinit var eventDispatcher: EventDispatcher<BookEvent>

    val pacts = RequestResponsePacts(LocalFiles("src/test/pacts/http"), "library-service")

    fun init(port: Int) { { port }

    @TestFactory fun `library enrichment contract tests`() =
            PactTestFactory.createTests(pacts, "library-enrichment", this)

    @ProviderState("A book with the ID {bookId} exists")
    fun `book with fixed ID exists`(params: Map<String, String>) {
        val bookId = BookId.from(params["bookId"]!!)
        val bookRecord = BookRecord(bookId, Books.THE_MARTIAN)
        given { dataStore.findById(bookId) }.willReturn { bookRecord }
        given { dataStore.createOrUpdate(any()) }.willAnswer { it.arguments[0] as BookRecord }


Message Pact provider side tests:

class MessageContractTest {

    val configuration = MessagingConfiguration()
    val objectMapper = ObjectMapper().apply { findAndRegisterModules() }
    val messageConverter = configuration.messageConverter(objectMapper)

    val pacts = MessagePacts(LocalFiles("src/test/pacts/message"), "library-service")

    @TestFactory fun `library-enrichment consumer contract tests`() =
            PactTestFactory.createTests(pacts, "library-enrichment", this)

    @MessageProducer("'The Martian' was added event")
    fun `verify The Martian was added event`(): ActualMessage {
        val event = BookAdded(
                id = UUID.randomUUID(),
                bookId = BookId.generate(),
                isbn = Books.THE_MARTIAN.isbn,
                timestamp =
        val message = messageConverter.toMessage(event, MessageProperties())
        return ActualMessage(message.body)



TestUtils is licensed under The Apache License, Version 2.0.


The contents of this repository is mainly developed by NovaTec Consulting GmbH, a German consultancy firm that drives quality in software development projects.

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