A host to run Immersive mode Windows applications. Check out my tamper flag!
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ImmersiveHost is an attempt to host Immersive mode applications ("Windows Store applications", "Metro applications", "Modern UI applications", "UWP applications", etc.) in a more open context outside of the usual app container/package situations.

This was an experiment around March of 2016, and was developed referencing mainly TH2 (10586/1511) and then-contemporary RS1/1607 releases of Windows 10. It also specifically targeted only a small set of applications, and probably would take some effort to get working again.

Intent to continue does exist, but is kind of a low priority for the time being, so this is mainly useful as a case-study into the Immersive application framework on Windows, of which remarkably little documentation exists.

Random screenshots

Steam overlay on an example app

ROTTR main menu

ROTTR running


Window management issues that kind of made me give up


The vendor/ folder is missing as it kind of used broken dependency management and didn't really track commit hashes - a list of vendor trees is shown below:

  • vendor/minhook/: TsudaKageyu/minhook @ d675576d4a2c033f0a3062935bcb19bb824c43cf
  • vendor/pugixml/: zeux/pugixml @ 8b60bbdce428af065f5501fbedd3de3c426073e4
  • vendor/udis86/: vmt/udis86 @ 56ff6c87c11de0ffa725b14339004820556e343d (presumably - this one was copied from the Cfx build tree)