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Twit Roster

Twit Roster makes it easy to build an embeddable list of the latest tweets from a roster of people. It was originally built as a hosted service, but since the hosted version is being end of lifed, I wanted to go ahead and make it available for others to peruse if they so choose.


The service is just a little Sinatra app, and uses the file system to cache responses from Twitter. No database, no Rails, etc.


I have no earthly idea how the app will play with all of Twitter's new API rules. Probably not very well. Maybe some brave soul could adapt it for App.Net?


If someone does get fired up about the code, I'd welcome (and point people to) a fork that takes over as the mainline. I won't be merging pull requests or otherwise maintaining the project.


This was a little hack project by the peeps at Terralien when Terralien was a going concern. Richard Powell and myself collaborated on it in 2009, it was used for a long while on the home page, and a few people dropped it in their websites.