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For an overview of the command-line arguments, type:

  java -jar /path/to/eXO.jar --help

A basic eXO invocation looks like this:

  java -jar /path/to/eXO.jar --username 'My Name' --resource 'Office' --webport 8080 --dhtport 5009 --bootstrap

This command line starts a pastry node listening on port 5009, plus a web
server listening on port 8080, on all local interfaces. eXO will then join
the network overlay through the node running on host port 6000.
If no other node exists in the network or this is the first node in your
overlay, please specify the ip/port of your local node. You can then point
your favorite web browser to http://localhost:8080/ to access eXO's web
interface. To gracefully shutdown eXO, hit Ctrl+C in the terminal or send the
Java process a SIGTERM.

eXO makes use of a XMPP-like <username>/<resource> naming scheme, where each
user is identified by her username, and multiple nodes belonging to the same
user can coexist in the network if they have a different resource name.

On execution, eXO creates a directory named 'eXO_Storage_Root/' under the
current working directory. Pastry-related data are stored under
'eXO_Storage_Root/FreePastry_Storage_Root/', while files shared by the user
are stored under 'eXO_Storage_Root/shared/'. eXO further stores profile data
and other settings in the file '.eXO.conf-XXX@YYY' under 'eXO_Storage_Root/',
where XXX is the username and YYY the resource name.

Furthermore, if libextractor is available on your system, eXO can make use of
its Java bindings to automatically extract a set of tags from files you share
with others in the overlay.

eXO makes use of, and comes bundled with, the following software packages:
* Commons-FileUpload
* Commons-IO
* FreePastry (svn version 4698)
* Getopt Java port
* Jetty web server/servlet container
* LibExtractor Java bindings (libextractor-java-dev)
* Lucene Core

FreePastry further depends on:
* Bouncycastle
* Commons-JXPath
* Commons-Logging
* JUnit
* XMLPull
* XPP3

Please redirect any questions, comments, bug reports, or other inquiries to
Nikos Ntarmos <>

(C) 2007-2011, The eXO Team
    A. Loupasakis <>
    N. Ntarmos <>
    P. Triantafillou <>


eXO: Decentralized Autonomous Scalable Social Networking



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